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In a race between an empty road and a used one guess what happened next. hours 22 min ago
@JohnRentoul That's hard! — 2 hours 37 min ago
@kenfrimley1 @BruceWoodward3 @ElectionMapsUK @OpiniumResearch Well if you are a single issue person who doesn't car… hours 38 min ago
@danobrien20 @KennethMcDonagh It was however our idea, and our insistence. I agree with Dan's analysis of what happ… hours 40 min ago
Nice to see #michaelvaughan bowling for AFG hours 47 min ago
@ScarletzCaptain @BruceWoodward3 @ElectionMapsUK @OpiniumResearch They have no manfesto for sure. The key drivers h… hours 42 min ago
@BruceWoodward3 @ElectionMapsUK @OpiniumResearch :( I'd say a no-deal Brexit is the *only* policy they do have. — 7 hours 28 min ago
@Udders38 @election_data Higher than I'd expect as well — 7 hours 31 min ago
@WhoIsJohnMill @cglen711 @ElectionMapsUK @OpiniumResearch And therein lie our current problems. Those blaming MPs f… hours 32 min ago
@BruceWoodward3 @ElectionMapsUK @OpiniumResearch Very easily is a stretch! They could however wish to privatise the… hours 33 min ago