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@moose56 For one second I was hoping it was a never-ending burrito... — 8 hours 37 min ago
@darraghduffy @Der_Pesse @PS_OracleNerd @sfonplsql @connor_mc_d The article was great, and I might have missed it i… hours 6 min ago
@Der_Pesse @PS_OracleNerd @sfonplsql @darraghduffy @connor_mc_d I honestly believe some of this is a case of "lost… hours 23 min ago
@PS_OracleNerd @Der_Pesse @sfonplsql @darraghduffy @connor_mc_d So now it's my fault you failed your certifications… hours 14 min ago
@AndrewSayer_ @ChandlerDBA I, for one, welcome our machine learning, artificially intelligent optimizer... hours 26 min ago
@Der_Pesse @sfonplsql @PS_OracleNerd @darraghduffy @connor_mc_d Exactly. Then trying to take hard line, whilst simu… hours 38 min ago
@sfonplsql @PS_OracleNerd @Der_Pesse @darraghduffy @connor_mc_d It went exactly the way I wanted it to go, based on… hours 47 min ago
Despite the government's announcement, UoB still insists office-based workers come into campus. Keeping the univers… hours 37 min ago
@PS_OracleNerd @Der_Pesse @darraghduffy @connor_mc_d @sfonplsql Great. One less douchebag polluting my timeline... — 20 hours 51 min ago
@PS_OracleNerd @Der_Pesse @darraghduffy @connor_mc_d @sfonplsql Nope. I'm pretty sure the misunderstanding is comin… hours 58 min ago