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@RicVanDyke @kevinclosson That's cursor concurrency. Look if there's a patch for your version for it, there have be… hours 25 min ago
@RicVanDyke @kevinclosson Only CPU, no waits? Is it stuck on a plan line? perf say anything? — 9 hours 36 min ago
@johnnyq72 @PostgreSQL @postgresql_007 @andrewlacy2 We don't use logic because that would mean doing smart things.… hours 7 min ago
@FranckPachot I been to collaborate in Sin City a couple of yours ago (in the venetian). I was worried when I heard… hours 1 min ago
Wow! Openworld going to Las Vegas! day 10 hours ago
@QuinnyPig Put in the wrong number of hugepaged (added a zero to the number) making the amount higher than availabl… day 14 hours ago
Question regarding intel pin tools: when using the debugtrace tool, does anyone know what the first column (the num… day 19 hours ago
RT @jasmijnvkatwijk: Wie helpt mij aan #volkswagen busje om mn 85 jarige opa, voormalig melkboer, nog één keer zn vroegere melkwijk te late… — 3 days 13 hours ago
@ExadataDBA @mdinh235 @OracleDatabase I know for a fact this is cosmetic; I worked with Oracle on it. It seems to b… days 17 hours ago
@mdinh235 @ExadataDBA @OracleDatabase That bug is a bug in opatch, and it’s being fixed. It’s about a 3 node cluste… days 22 hours ago