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@robertmhaas @OracleSK @FranckPachot @MarkusWinand I like the open discussion, btw. To me it seems that the pg cach… hours 33 min ago
@robertmhaas @OracleSK @FranckPachot @MarkusWinand I would say for cache keeping policies a database can do a bette… hours 36 min ago
@robertmhaas @OracleSK @FranckPachot @MarkusWinand It would be interesting to see what the true overhead is of doub… hours 38 min ago
@robertmhaas @OracleSK @FranckPachot @MarkusWinand Based on our bias from working with Oracle, what would be the do… hours 10 min ago
RT @Hatem__Mahmoud: TIPS : Which access modes/flags a file was opened by an application : hours 17 min ago
Does anyone have an idea/document (ideally) what the fourth letters in the DG code layer (krs?) mean? — 22 hours 21 min ago
This week no new redo blogpost (sorry), but rather an addition to the redo index with an article I wrote a while ag… day 2 hours ago
@FranckPachot @MarkusWinand Absolutely. But it seems most companies taking the pg engine use DIO. And others have e… day 3 hours ago
@FranckPachot @MarkusWinand "Andres Freund, like a number of other PostgreSQL developers, has acknowledged that DIO… day 3 hours ago
RT @IL0VEthe80s: Retweet if you still know your childhood telephone number... day 8 hours ago