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RT @Protect_Wldlife: Once again @RickyGervais gets it spot on when it comes to his views on trophy hunters! "Well done. You managed to sho… — 3 hours 17 min ago
@jarneil @oracleace In all honesty, ACE* used to be about community engagement and knowledge. This evolved into pro… hours 35 min ago
RT @ProfFeynman: The ultimate test of your knowledge is your capacity to convey it to another. hours 37 min ago
RT @nowthisnews: Fox News tried coming after Denmark's social safety net. This Danish politician's retort was legendary.… — 1 day 10 hours ago
@ChandlerDBA @martinberx @ilmarkerm @ludodba I need to get that wonderful operating system in which everything alwa… days 8 hours ago
RT @ahl: @flashdba I’d take these geniuses over our self-acclaimed stable genius... — 3 days 52 min ago
RT @NenadNoveljic: @oradiag @RogerMacNicol @fritshoogland Mind that the event propagation is broken in 12.2, see days 2 hours ago
RT @TheMossadIL: Speaking of meaningless polls, who would be a better UK Labour Party leader? — 3 days 6 hours ago
@ora600pl @MartinDBA @ChandlerDBA On Linux, pga is not allocated in tmpfs, even when AMM is used, AFAIK. This also… days 2 hours ago
@ChandlerDBA @ora600pl @MartinDBA Tmpfs memory is only truly allocated when the pages are touched, just like any al… days 3 hours ago