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@ChrisAntognini @ClossonAtWork Good point! I need to revisit that, I forgotten about these posts. — 2 weeks 6 days ago
@oradiag @OracleSK @JLOracle It seems that os tools show low latency, but process is staying for a long time in io_… weeks 6 days ago
@OracleSK @oradiag @JLOracle Can you write a test c program and replicate the issue? Is it bound to writes only? Is… weeks 6 days ago
@OracleSK @JLOracle What driver is this using, and are there tunables, or can it be changed? — 3 weeks 3 hours ago
@NenadNoveljic @OracleSK @JLOracle Apparently the io returns, but the process does not get notified... — 3 weeks 4 hours ago
@OracleSK @JLOracle Does the OS see the same latency? If it sits in io_getevents, the request is not placed in the… weeks 5 hours ago
@OracleSK @JLOracle Ah, so it’s showing log file parallel write, and it sits in io_getevents? If so, this seems to… weeks 5 hours ago
RT @nixcraft: This is so bad i died with laughter lol. Dont @ me, tho weeks 5 hours ago
@OracleSK @JLOracle Is dataguard being used? — 3 weeks 9 hours ago
@FranckPachot @ClossonAtWork Franck, is 1 OS process running exclusively on 1 Core despite virtualisation (VCPU) an… weeks 12 hours ago