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@NenadNoveljic @pdevisser Of course, any help given is welcome. — 3 hours 12 min ago
@pdevisser It's an aid to the knowledge we already build up. With open source, we are just starting. — 5 hours 14 min ago
@NenadNoveljic @pdevisser Even without striping, if there is no logic in the naming to implicate logic and layering… hours 15 min ago
@amitzil @oraclebase @pfierens There are certain consulting architects who almost naturally come with oracle deals… day 3 hours ago
@oraclebase @pfierens I think so to. And I totally agree that if you can make your life easier by functionality in… day 8 hours ago
@oraclebase @pfierens The general rule to create something that generally done best is to stay on the threaded path… day 8 hours ago
@oraclebase @pfierens Of course. If you are having problems and you can get it solved by new native functionality,… day 8 hours ago
@pfierens @oraclebase So clients want new versions? I thought it was stability and things just working... ;-) — 1 day 8 hours ago
the reason for the earlier bitand tweet: if you want to see the location for a mutex using the p3 value of the even… day 8 hours ago
If you are doing Oracle and internals, bitwise operations are one of the things you have to do. Pretty cool… day 8 hours ago