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@erbenwennemars Goedemiddag, lengte 184cm en gewicht 77.3kg — 1 year 32 weeks ago
RT @mrjakehumphrey: The King knows... year 33 weeks ago
RT @redbullAustria: Spielberg. Eine Stadt in den Niederlanden! # — 1 year 33 weeks ago
@krisrice Our own format, want to read a file that has config information for an application. The information could… year 33 weeks ago
@krisrice Is there support for yaml files in SQLcl that we can hijack with Javascript? — 1 year 33 weeks ago
@fritshoogland grep(1) — 1 year 36 weeks ago
@kevinclosson @jonahharris @orangetheory @PlanetFitness Go low — 1 year 36 weeks ago
@c_martin2 @martinberx @CaryMillsap I was wrong, should have been 100% :-) — 1 year 39 weeks ago
@martinberx Yep, we have done a CNAME with 4 ip addresses and let each database connect to each listener. — 1 year 41 weeks ago
@OracleSK @martinberx Hmm sounds familiar :-) But it was 1998 when I said it ......, so probably it doesn't count ...... — 1 year 45 weeks ago