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Much warmer today... https://t.co/wSm2CRIerr4 hours 32 min ago
Oldie but Goodie! From DBAKevlar! New Python Pass the Pigs Game https://t.co/1nph5yikQc #raspberrypi — 7 hours 15 min ago
@dbaOnTap @ubuntu You’re never alone in technology, Danny... *cues inspirational music* — 9 hours 42 min ago
SQL Server Workarounds - Brent Ozar Unlimited® https://t.co/WFBdY4CXE7 @BrentOzarULTD9 hours 49 min ago
Rapid first few steps with Fn – open source project for serverless functions - AMIS Oracle and Java Blog https://t.co/LMbkpOlp9711 hours 48 min ago
Best method for tuning sub-optimal execution plans | https://t.co/nOZOgnEoja https://t.co/XypGMqiWes15 hours 49 min ago
Eating crickets, ants and other yummy stuff at @LingerDenver :) https://t.co/XIZDfKK6pU22 hours 40 min ago
@johnabooth I think that might creep me out.... :P — 1 day 5 hours ago
Oldie but Goodie! From DBAKevlar! Upgrading an Amazon EC2 #Delphix Source, Part III https://t.co/48tfPKvnkz #aws — 1 day 7 hours ago
The Cost of Living Around the World Compared #Infographic | Daily Infographic https://t.co/xG0dqDP9Zq1 day 9 hours ago