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How To Grow And Maintain A Trendy, Stylish Beard #Infographic Waiting patiently for mutton… hour 21 min ago
@ceedubvee @TracyBoggiano @BrentO I rated her a 5 in the app. Great driver...errr, except for that one pedestrian… hours 38 min ago
Playing Outside Your Box - Hank Barnes hours 20 min ago
@SQLeap I wouldn’t have been as impressed if it had come from my 8:30 am session....:) — 8 hours 27 min ago
@SQLFlipFlopsDBA @Idera_Software @TimGormanTech He's awesome. You are blessed. :) — 10 hours 14 min ago
This is #SQLSatDallas...even at the end of the day! Standing room only! #sqlpass hours 16 min ago
Thank you to everyone who attended both my sessions today at #SQLSatDallas...winning comment from midday session.… hours 44 min ago
Awesome speaker tags from #SQLSatDallas hours 5 min ago
I was too busy and no duck picture for me! @Idera_Software #ideraace hours 17 min ago
@John_Deardurff @sqlpass @IndyPASS Thank you, will be there and boot ready! — 18 hours 38 min ago