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Retro DBAKevlar! Oracle Open World Official Blogger Pass Acceptance min 6 sec ago
Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist: What’s the Difference? hours 15 min ago
When you're brought into a call to talk to the customer's Oracle DBAs and they aren't able to attend or out of the… hours 54 min ago
Azure Pipelines integration with Jira Software hours 14 min ago
@mhaarhues And like anyone wants to go to I-25 to the 84th slowdown and add to it... :) — 16 hours 27 min ago
@mhaarhues @_randolph_west @MMarie There are a ton of video that I did for @RMOUG Training days on this paths and t… hours 28 min ago
@mhaarhues There are frontage roads around Flat Irons that comes out just in front of the Westin and then you can t… hours 29 min ago
@MMarie @_randolph_west When the original work was done there and at Churchranch, I have to admit, it wasn’t done w… hours 30 min ago
My old neighborhood is just to the left in the left hand pic. OK, which one of you screwed up 36 at Churchranch Rd… hours 33 min ago
@MMarie @_randolph_west Yes, the lake is just a marshy area behind the Target now. — 16 hours 37 min ago