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Thank you to everyone who came to my session and allowing me to bumble through my first #PowerBI presentation! #SQLSatAtlBI — 1 hour 58 min ago
About to present my first #PowerBI presentation at #SQLSatAtlBI at 10:30....Please make your sacrifices to the BI Gods now... :) — 3 hours 45 min ago
OK, this is just fun- TSQL bogus Title Generator: Mine? "Insane Reporting Service Python Coder" — 4 hours 28 min ago
Locks Taken During Indexed View Modifications hours 35 min ago
Integrate Weblogic with AD Using LDAPS! hours 35 min ago
@BroVic Speaking and sharing/exchanging knowledge has always been a way to give back to the community for me. It h… hours 10 min ago
SQL SERVER – Wait Stats Collection Scripts for 2016 and Later Versions hours 35 min ago
I was 21. Officials never doubted what happened while I laid in the hospital, but we, as a society, aren't prepare… hours 58 min ago
RT @IrishSQL: #SQLSatBostonBI brings you a host of wonderful women speakers. You'd be a fool to not go if you're in town. #PASSWIT @dgmel… — 16 hours 5 min ago
@AliLDaley @KaliaGarrido @elaine_marino Awesome group of wonder women. #justsayin — 16 hours 14 min ago