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Esme is happy this evening, but she should be....some puppy has a belly full of steak... — 4 hours 21 min ago
@FerventGeek Floodgate it is! Luckily we have partners like @DataIntensity to help now, right @biju_thomas ? :) — 6 hours 3 min ago
My day started at 5am this morning, (PST) and my last meeting is this next hour. I finally took a break to drop a… hours 24 min ago
How the new normal will change company culture for good - Work Life by Atlassian hours 15 min ago
RT @PASS_DBA_VC: Wednesday, June 10 2020 18:00 UTC @PASS_DBA_VC will be offering a talk by @DBAKevlar How to Win When Migrating to Azure?… — 14 hours 24 min ago
Retro DBAKevlar! Link to RMOUG Presentation/Papers hours 57 min ago
@mwdarab Probably for the best.... Unless someone takes the picture and makes it go viral, "DM this guy!" — 16 hours 1 min ago
@mwdarab You are going to be receiving so many strange tweet mentions and DMs. Just be glad you aren't a girl and… hours 14 min ago
Troop of monkeys attack lab assistant, steal COVID-19 samples hours 15 min ago
@cmiguel_82 I would love to help, but I've rewritten over that part of my brain! I believe you can only execute in… hours 18 min ago