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@FerventGeek The line at DIA was around the back and down the hall for TSApre. For standard checkin, it was farthe… day 17 hours ago
@biju_thomas @OraBlaineOS @sky_vst @dbcloudshifu @racdba @RMOUG_ORG I’m already on a flight back to Savannah! It w… day 18 hours ago
Be there or be square!! day 19 hours ago
@sga_consultoria I have that conversation with events, etc. all the time. Checking to see what is the common forma… day 20 hours ago
Retro DBAKevlar! Pythian- Devotion to my Vocation day 20 hours ago
@KentGraziano @RMOUG_ORG @42LKR42 @mRainey @CRuepprich Same to you, Kent! — 1 day 20 hours ago
@sga_consultoria I wish more airports used their offical designation for a Twitter handle. It would make it easier… day 20 hours ago
@way0utwest It would have only made you smile today if you had Clear, as the line for TSApre was all the way back to it. EEK! — 1 day 20 hours ago
Oh, and hello @OraBlaineOS, @biju_thomas @sky_vst @dbcloudshifu @racdba ! How could I forget about getting to catch… day 21 hours ago
Great job on all the work putting the #td19 event together- @RMOUG_ORG Shout out to @bryanswells . I remember the… day 21 hours ago