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O.M.G. - Teachers Share Their 'This Child Is A Sociopath' Experiences #chills days 20 hours ago
This made me so sad- Ohio Boy, 14, Missing for Three Weeks Found Dead in a Chimney: 'Not the Outcome Anyone Wanted' days 20 hours ago
@MarkCasazzaIV I agree choosing someone based on it is foolish, but there are many who are disqualifying based on g… days 22 hours ago
@OregonProgress I love the sentence under your handle- Please keep cussing out Pence. Man scares the heck out of me....LOL — 4 days 46 min ago
@RogerMacNicol @MichelleObama She's too smart to want to run this crazy country! Sigh, we need so much help... :( — 4 days 47 min ago
@OregonProgress I don't think anyone should control your vote and I'm for more than two primary choices. I thought… days 49 min ago
@OsirisDBA Part of me would like to see a Bernie/Warren ticket. See if we could get her in under VP, then move her… days 52 min ago
@OregonProgress The only way to change the bias is to show up and to contribute, but damn, it's a long hard road at… days 56 min ago
@dbaharrison @oraclebase They're very responsive. I had to go after missing stuff for ADF and AAS when it first ca… days 1 hour ago
@dbaharrison @oraclebase It used to be more difficult to find the AZ CLI commands, but now you should expect those… days 1 hour ago