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RT @ExasolAG: The 2018 Dresner Analytical Data Infrastructure report placed #Exasol as a leader in vendor credibility & customer experience… — 13 hours 6 min ago
I will be presenting at #DOAG2018 in Nuremberg, November 20-23 - hope to see you there :-) hours 54 min ago
#Exasol Cluster Architecture It's all on hours 18 min ago
If you wish to be a writer, write. #Stoic #quote #Epictetus hours 12 min ago
#Exasol Cluster Architecture day 11 hours ago
RT @BertrandDrouvot: PostgreSQL Active Session History extension is now publicly available days 15 hours ago
How to change RANGE- to INTERVAL-Partitioning in #Oracle It's all on days 16 hours ago
Why and how to use Materialized Views in #Oracle: It's all on days 18 hours ago
RT @ToonKoppelaars: How not to design a database. days 18 hours ago
If evil be spoken of you and it be true, correct yourself, if it be a lie, laugh at it. #Stoic #quote #Epictetus days 20 hours ago