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"Man of War" from the new 20th anniversary release of "OK Computer - OKNOTOK" by Radiohead. Wow, I mean really WOW!! hours 4 min ago
What's ironic of course is that Sam Newman has had much more plastic surgery than Caitlyn Jenner with much less sat… hours 31 min ago
@markparton @VinniesACT Well done Mark on helping out a great cause. Sleep tight and keep warm. — 1 day 18 hours ago
First random song during lunchtime jog today was "Lament" by Ultravox: day 23 hours ago
@wendy_harmer @abcsydney Although Pauline Hanson is a good example of what can happen if uneducated, it doesn't mak… days 21 hours ago
I'm most impressed that with quite a bit of coin on hand, Duncan Jones still uses public transport. Respect ✊. days 22 hours ago
The problem of course with his logic is that Malcolm Roberts doesn't know what he doesn't know about... days 2 hours ago
@Marcdawson I've said it a few times, we as a nation dodged a bullet back in the 2004 election... — 4 days 22 hours ago
OK, completed my @UKOUG Tech17 submissions. Fingers crossed. Still time for you to also submit. #Oracle days 14 min ago
@TheRealPBarry What I find remarkable are not the vile comments, nothing unusual from Rowan Dean there, but that fo… days 24 min ago