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@Shamira_1925 @Ginnie01V @human4good @PaulineHansonOz Again, the number of men dressed in a burqa who have attacked… hours 19 min ago
@BBCNews Oh no, I grew up with Bruce and all his shows such as The Generation Game. Sadly missed, not much of old England left now — 5 hours 2 min ago
@Ginnie01V @ned2au @PaulineHansonOz Wouldn't it be nice if we can continue to have no oppression here in Australia,… hours 21 min ago
@MissHissyKat @PaulineHansonOz You can not walk into Parliament with a bomb, burqa or no. But hey, don't let facts… hours 26 min ago
@Gravelsandwich @PaulineHansonOz I celebrate people can wear what they want. Interesting how non-Muslims are pushin… hours 29 min ago
@JoyAnnReid For someone who promised to not play golf anywhere near as often as Obama, @realDonaldTrump surely play… hours 17 min ago
RT @JoyAnnReid: Watching TV all day and tweeting between rounds of golf is called retirement, not hard work. hours 20 min ago
@Gravelsandwich @PaulineHansonOz And if women choose to wear it as a sign of their faith? Isn't it nice to live som… hours 38 min ago
@Gravelsandwich @PaulineHansonOz Really, I heard they were wearing jackets. Perhaps we should also ban jackets and… hours 35 min ago
Another poor innocent child murdered due to religious stupidity. hours 38 min ago