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RT @oraclebase: Docker and Oracle Databases : Finding the Sweet Spot : hours 11 min ago
@johnnyq72 de EnterpriseDB à Lausanne! Avec les spécialistes Open Infrastructure de dbi services Postgres, MariaDB,… hours 43 min ago
A no-slide-all-exercises Multitenant workshop to practice all pluggable databases features. hours 28 min ago
What's cheaper than cheap? A discount on free! #cloud is fantastic. The 300$ free cloud trial is now at discounted… hours 39 min ago
RT @dbiservices: During the two days Workshop, @FranckPachot kept the attention from our consultant by talking about Multi-Tenant ! https:/… — 7 hours 39 min ago
@oraclebase Hi Tim, there are missing parenthesis at the end of ENCRYPTION_WALLET_LOCATION in… hours 10 min ago
Figured out the error. Must be in the PDB to export the password. The error message, mentioning 'container database… hours 32 min ago
RT @MikeDietrichDE: Additional Info for Adaptive Features Fixes in Oracle hours 13 min ago
Please @oraclecloud, can you update about this unplanned outage notified 2 days ago without an end date and no furt… day 1 hour ago
RT @lukaseder: “The implementation of a blockchain solution may require major changes in a company’s processes” No. No. No. Technology doe… — 1 day 2 hours ago