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RT @vanpupi: Our duo of speakers on the @obug_org tech days for today. In the left corner, the man with the axe @ora600pl… — 2 hours 42 min ago
RT @dbiservices: Are you looking for a job in a Great Place to Work? Du to its growth, dbi services reinforces its teams! Have a look => ht… — 2 hours 54 min ago
If you wonder why Switzerland voted to phase out nuclear power: It's a lesson learned from 50 years ago. #Lucens nu… hours 15 min ago
Learned today by Mathias Zarick from @Trivadis contribution in Oracle-L mailing list: easy uncompress the xml behin… hours 32 min ago
By curiosity and maybe a future blog post with some performance considerations, which view do you query to monitor… hours 30 min ago
#buzzwordcompliant fun with @OracleLiveSQL #19c asynchronous buffered inserts to do bulk-like inserts from conventi… hours 2 min ago
At each release update there are a lot of incomprehension about the numbering. But @OracleLiveSQL is 19.2 built in… hours 29 min ago
@pdevisser @westermanndanie Plan stability is easy, follow @Infor best practice: optimizer_sortmerge_join_enabled=f… hours 51 min ago
@westermanndanie @pdevisser Yes, not only because the code is available to read, but also open source must keep cod… hours 31 min ago
@OracleSK Troubleshooting the cloud? — 1 day 14 min ago