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@richardfoote @TanelPoder @KonradHaefeli @Trivadis @JLOracle @IvicaArsov @EFusaglia @ChrisAntognini @OracleSK hours 3 min ago
@TanelPoder @richardfoote @KonradHaefeli @Trivadis @JLOracle @IvicaArsov @EFusaglia @ChrisAntognini @OracleSK hours 44 min ago
Who cursed all video conference techniques from the get go has done a very good job. Even in 2019 in the middle of… hours 33 min ago
@pioro @oraesque @brendantierney @RACMasterPM @floo_bar Ok, I didn't plan to make it public before DOAG, but we are… hours 43 min ago
Did you notice this change in the Licensing Guide? Not only the rename - "Rapid Home Provisioning" (RHP) is now cal… hours 27 min ago
@brendantierney @RACMasterPM @floo_bar no but I can send you the slides — 18 hours 45 min ago
@rodrigojorgedba @oracleace that's the hardest part of conferences for me: the goodby part — 1 day 10 hours ago
@RACMasterPM @floo_bar Sure, that's something we will never see in other databases. I didn't mention because RAC us… day 15 hours ago
RT @ExadataDBA: In the #OOW19 session "Oracle Database 19c Automatic Indexing Demystified", I realized that @FranckPachot and his fellow DB… — 1 day 15 hours ago
@amitzil Yes, and 19c is a 12cR2 release actually... — 1 day 15 hours ago