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@cyberdemn @awscloud @OracleDatabase Yes, good to know. Do you know which IO requests are measured? Writes only or… hours 25 min ago
@cyberdemn @awscloud @OracleDatabase Hopefully not: 6 replicas! There’s probably a high resource consumption in thi… hours 9 min ago
@JLOracle hours 34 min ago
An awesome story with a high level of skills, challenges and open minded personality. I’m so happy that I have shar… hours 39 min ago
@postgresmen @awscloud @OracleDatabase An "Accelerated Data Lab Workshop with AWS" with some discussons with Amazon… hours 4 min ago
I need to write more precisely about it but if I had to describe @awscloud Aurora storage architecture to an… hours 45 min ago
RT @SOUG_CH: Join us on March 11th 2020 in Bern @diemobiliar, because @FranckPachot will speak about "19 Features You Will Miss If You Leav… — 9 hours 27 min ago
@GeraldVenzl @amansharmadb (maybe) because #Python and #JavaScript replaced #perl and #php but #java replaced (partially) older languages — 11 hours 6 min ago
>> If only NOT NULL were the default in DDL, and NULLABLE the keyword that needed to be set explicitly… hours 10 min ago
@matthewokeefe1 I 100% agree the @OracleCloud free tier is awesome. But a comparison should show pros and cons, or… hours 16 min ago