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@pdevisser Thanks. You might like PG 13 showing WAL size with execution plan. See @rjuju123 hours 14 min ago
@drune @thatjeffsmith @oraclebase oh, and I forgot to say: it is autonomous — 3 hours 39 min ago
@drune @thatjeffsmith @oraclebase It has a similar API (SODA) but all goes though the SQL optimizer and is stored i… hours 40 min ago
RT @dbiservices: New post in our blog by Elisa Usai: Installing MySQL Server on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute hours 46 min ago
Hey @tableau this is 2020, @Windows 10, not Win95. We shoud not need to reboot a computer just to install a userspa… hours 49 min ago
RT @planetmysql: MySQL Performance : Understanding InnoDB IO Internals & "Checkpointing" hours 54 min ago
RT @vlad_mihalcea: Donald Knuth's "premature optimization is the root of all evil" is about micro-optimizations. You still need to design… — 10 hours 5 min ago
RT @Yugabyte: Introducing yugabyted, a native server that acts as a parent server across the YB-TServer & YB-Master servers. yugabyted (`d`… — 18 hours 58 min ago
Cool, @bch_t did some YCSB runs: Is the db interface for SODA public? — 20 hours 5 min ago
RT @FranckPachot: @biju_thomas Looks like changing the service_name in connect_data in tnsnames.ora is sufficient. hours 56 min ago