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@VolkerK_ @ThomasTeskeOrcl @lukaseder @StewAshton you cannot prevent your dev to enable a feature if they are DBA o… days 16 hours ago
@VolkerK_ @ThomasTeskeOrcl @lukaseder @StewAshton 11g SE has control_pack_management=none per default. This disable… days 17 hours ago
@VolkerK_ @lukaseder @ThomasTeskeOrcl @StewAshton 'Fast' is probably not the 1st reason to pay for commercial vendo… days 19 hours ago
RT @ifesdjeen: Finally, entire Database Internals book contents are available on O’Reilly Early Access program! Still raw and unedited, we… — 3 days 2 hours ago
@StewAshton @lukaseder that's 3 rows. — 3 days 9 hours ago
RT @cambecc: We can visualize carbon monoxide to understand the scale of fires in the Amazon rainforest. This animation is a one month tim… — 3 days 15 hours ago
@AlainFuhrer X8 is labeled "autonomous database"? Awesome. — 3 days 15 hours ago
@amitzil right that's the one that goes with: days 15 hours ago
@StewAshton @vlad_mihalcea @sfonplsql I don't think the problem is with ORM but with managers who think that "the p… days 17 hours ago
@StewAshton Yes, agree. But thinking about bulk and seeing the improvement with simple settings is the first step b… days 22 hours ago