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@GeraldVenzl Yes. And ASH sampling activity on all those dimensions: from client/app info down to system call wait… days 18 hours ago
@OracleSQLDev I tried OCSID.CLIENTID OCSID.MODULE and OCSID.ACTION and didn't see it, did I miss something? — 2 days 18 hours ago
New post: You should set OCSID.CLIENTID each time you grab an Oracle JDBC connection from the pool days 18 hours ago
@drune @LisboaMetro I quickly find the solution: rent a bike and forget about public transport ;) — 3 days 33 min ago
Why Certification Matters - @OracleCert days 5 hours ago
RT @bercut2000: days 20 hours ago
This @LisboaMetro Viva Viagem is probably the worst User Experience I've seen in public transport tickets. Can't ch… days 4 hours ago
Quick tip to enter a @Docker container as root (because that's nothing else than a linux namespace): nsenter --mou… days 4 hours ago
@jolleOyvind @brendantierney ok if the situation is not in a program. SQL is one language for two goals: 1 — 5 days 5 hours ago
RT @MarieAnnUK: Wow! What she said — 5 days 5 hours ago