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@rwijk Power outage in the storage I suppose. Crash of the Oracle instance should not corrupt anything. — 3 days 47 min ago
42 years — 3 days 4 hours ago
RT @fritshoogland: does anyone know what the naming for the c functions in the oracle executable starting with ipcor is? probably starting… — 3 days 6 hours ago
@Der_Pesse @d1ana I've almost always slides and something to tell if the demo fails. ( or better: a co-speaker who… days 7 hours ago
@evrocs_nl @d1ana @Der_Pesse As an attendee I like to see something different than slides and videos that we can fo… days 7 hours ago
@AroraXD @Der_Pesse Jupyter notebooks in @mybinderteam or @GoogleColab are nice to: - prepare de presentation with… days 10 hours ago
@Der_Pesse What I like the most in live demos is how it shows the deterministic behavior of IT: when you understand… days 10 hours ago
@d1ana @Der_Pesse +1 And, as a presenter, I think it keeps me more precise/aware/focused, looking at the output whi… days 10 hours ago
InfoWorld 20 Mar 1995: Oracle Gateway to rival databases: Informix, Sybase and Ingres. InfoWorld 6 Jun 2019: Micro… days 21 hours ago
@maitysuvajit The link in goes to days 4 hours ago