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@richardfoote @JLOracle5 days 19 hours ago
@thatjeffsmith @oraclesqlcl no problem, sure. — 5 days 19 hours ago
@JLOracle Thanks a lot for the re-tweet. On this topic, there's also @richardfoote of course: days 21 hours ago
The @oraclesqlcl highlight.json is cool, but I must refrain from coloring everything... days 21 hours ago
@richardfoote 52? Is that an OPEN AIR - AUDIENCE HEADSETS room? like slide 15 of: days 22 hours ago
The @CERN #CERNScienceGateway is already there... virtually. days 37 min ago
This quote seen at SM18 (the @CERN testbench for LHC superconducting magnets at 1.9°K) will illustrate my Auto Inde… days 43 min ago
RT @AndrewSayer_: Oops! I forget to split the MAXVALUE partition... days 3 hours ago
Just published: Oracle Connection Manager (CMAN) quick reporting script (with instance endpoints in columns) days 19 hours ago
@amitzil @connor_mc_d @MikeDietrichDE Yes, 19c allows it again. But think also about other components which may req… week 2 hours ago