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@SomeSortOfGeek Ok I want one! — 11 hours 45 min ago
@BrokeDba Oracle does MVCC in memory (transient CR clone buffers), but Postgres actually keeps old copies of rows a… hours 47 min ago
@tech31842 Yeah, not saying that I agree with every single point, but it's a pretty good list. I'm waiting until Po… hours 46 min ago
10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL hours 24 min ago
@jonahharris @stauffermatt ... especially when the brain is already solving something in the background apparently — 15 hours 40 min ago
@jonahharris @stauffermatt Yeah, same here, but this helps to avoid thinking too much! — 15 hours 41 min ago
RT @aka_pugs: True: Shared Mutable State is the root of all evil (especially in distributed systems) Also True: The whole point of Distrib… — 15 hours 45 min ago
RT @stauffermatt: This is your regular reminder that macOS has built-in bulk file renaming and it's insanely simple to use. — 1 day 14 hours ago
@acolvin @wisek8 Is it Tuesday already?! — 1 day 14 hours ago
RT @connor_mc_d: New post! Handling ROWTYPE in an Active Dataguard environment #oracle day 17 hours ago