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RT @mattiasgeniar: Red Hat (and thus: CentOS) reverts microcode update to mitigate Spectre, refers to hardware vendors for fix. Oh, you we… — 2 hours 49 min ago
I guess time to update Snapper too :-) https://t.co/bRTnWbEC1t3 hours 15 min ago
@oraclebase @krisrice @OracleAskTOM @OracleSQLDev S.A.G.E and Raw Iron! — 3 hours 15 min ago
It's worth noting that I tested out only launching a Oracle 12.1 RAC DBaaS cluster (with as little manual effort as… https://t.co/bjJREbtN2218 hours 10 min ago
If this works out, I can throw out most of my lab kit (that keeps falling apart) that I had used for such complex setups before. — 18 hours 23 min ago
And that's exactly the use case I looked a solution for - launch different configurations/topologies & versions of… https://t.co/Cl9OVGMAhy18 hours 25 min ago
So, although haven't done any serious performance testing yet, I'm pretty happy with the experience so far. The con… https://t.co/LPEtGxCMVh18 hours 28 min ago
After the initial hiccup with Oracle Cloud signup, by now I have tested out launching a RAC cluster and it's a succ… https://t.co/ByNklF6mIm18 hours 30 min ago
Looks like Oracle's cloud console signup page had a problem with an adblocker (my other browser didn't have it). No… https://t.co/lAgJkf4xA618 hours 34 min ago
Ok, using Firefox instead of Chrome for sign up process helped! Go figure ... — 22 hours 1 min ago