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RT @adamcbest: A classic meme used to perfection... hours 47 min ago
RT @JBeresniewicz: Intro piece for an article series on visualizing Oracle ASH data: via @LinkedIn1 day 1 hour ago
RT @PerlDBA: This is a great local conference, plan to attend if you can. I have been once, and would like to go again. @NoCOUG https://t… — 1 day 1 hour ago
RT @TanelPoder: Wanna see which process is the bottleneck in your Linux command line chain - #pSnapper can help: Tar spending most of its… — 3 days 6 hours ago
RT @TanelPoder: Sneak peek into what's coming in pSnapper 0.14 - real time file name lookup for I/O syscalls! http… — 3 days 8 hours ago
RT @arupnanda: Interesting results from @StackOverflow developer survey for most "dreaded databases" to work with. Ouch! And Most loved. Ea… — 4 days 7 hours ago
Example of coe_xfr_sql_profile force_match TRUE @bobbydurrettdba6 days 4 min ago
RT @LukasFittl: We've released Postgres Connection Tracing, Wait Event Analysis & Vacuum Monitoring into GA on @pganalyze… — 1 week 56 min ago
@karlarao Looks cool - I’ll have to check it out but I’m on my iPhone right now ( tried to retweet it but tetweet button is disabled ) — 1 week 6 hours ago
Amazon RDS Enhanced Monitoring Adds New Storage and Host Metrics week 1 day ago