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@FranckPachot @MartinKlierDBA @ChandlerDBA @lleturgez @oracleace +1 — 15 hours 3 min ago
@ludodba @ora600pl @JacekSzymaniuk @martinberx Including RDBMS? — 1 day 30 min ago
@ora600pl @martinberx @JacekSzymaniuk I love it! Have to test under real, proper workload conditions though. — 1 day 33 min ago
@ora600pl @martinberx @JacekSzymaniuk Quick test last night t it worked for 12.2 as well. Didn’t use leaf nodes, only hub — 1 day 41 min ago
@ora600pl @martinberx @JacekSzymaniuk I blogged about Flex ASM in action back in the 12.1 days. DB instances reconn… day 42 min ago
RT @dbiservices: New post in our blog by Franck Pachot: Database is more than persistence. It is shared. My thoughts about Microser… https:… — 1 day 3 hours ago
@ora600pl @JacekSzymaniuk @martinberx With this configuration I am as close to what we did in previous releases as… day 15 hours ago
@ora600pl @JacekSzymaniuk @martinberx Nope, I don’t have a need. I stayed with the standard deployment, 2 nodes and… day 15 hours ago
RT @BrynLite: I’m excited about my upcoming European EBR tour: Romania, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden. Plus #Plsql at BGOUG, DO… — 1 day 15 hours ago
@ora600pl @JacekSzymaniuk @martinberx I haven’t seen 12.2 RAC in production yet but during my testing in my lab I h… day 15 hours ago