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@Questrade I’m trying to use your API but get an error “400 Bad Request” on login attempt. I tried to email to apis… weeks 6 days ago
Really bizarre to see WTI crude oil May future contract price dropping by... 200%+ the day before expiration to neg… weeks 3 hours ago
@zburivsky @paulvallee what was that VR collaboration rooms we looked at a few years back? — 19 weeks 4 days ago
New #COVID19 cases and deaths in the US are scary perfectly exponential. Number of new cases is the 4th in the worl… weeks 5 days ago
@Questrade This was annoying 3 days ago and I couldn’t close positions in time. It happens again now - for more tha… weeks 4 days ago
@Questrade do you guys support aftermarket options orders? I’m trying to send an options order with GTEM but it gets rejected. — 21 weeks 6 days ago
@DBAKevlar @CaryMillsap @JLOracle @ddelmoli @TimGormanTech @DBAKevlar how come your like comes before I send the re… weeks 2 days ago
@DBAKevlar @CaryMillsap @JLOracle @ddelmoli @TimGormanTech We do not use answers. I recall that what we said. — 22 weeks 2 days ago
@bbcmicrobot 42 PRINT “Amazing shit! “ 99 GOTO 42 RUN weeks 2 days ago
@bbcmicrobot @acornproton 1 PRINT “Zzzz “ 2 PAUSE 42*42 3 GOTO 1 run — 25 weeks 2 days ago