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RT @swesley_perth: On becoming an expert, by @JLOracle -- build test cases hours 20 min ago
RT @_layback: @ProfBrianCox @jimalkhalili Yes, but don't forget that MERS was caused by 4G, SARS was caused by 3G. Spanish Flu was caused b… — 2 hours 22 min ago
RT @sdjh2000: ... so I used the rainy weekend to get my Ultimate Partitioning Guide updated ... no comments about #nothingElseToDo please .… — 2 hours 22 min ago
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It's only been a few days of lockdown and minimal travel and already you can smell the difference when a car goes past. — 15 hours 50 min ago
@lukaseder How about the case when you have a match on key, then update different columns based on the value of a f… hours 11 min ago
If you've never been able to visualise the connection between an execution plan in words and the "tree-like" diagra… hours 26 min ago
@quanwen_zhao Namesco - the company that took over Demon from a company called Thus a few years ago had a licence f… hours 53 min ago
Interestingly the address I've supplied has had the initial www removed, along with the leading http bit — 23 hours 29 min ago
WARNING: by end May the DEMON domain (with my old website will disappear. If there's anyt… hours 45 min ago