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RT @tvdpdays: — 10 hours 55 min ago
RT @oraclebase: Oracle Database 18.7 Patch : Summary hours 19 min ago
RT @oraclebase: Looks like the July 2019 patch for 18c (18.7) doesn't like invalid objects, if those objects are invalid because of a DB li… — 1 day 5 hours ago
@VasyaStozyrin There’s a bit more than 6 years between those two, though, and they weren’t by the same painter. Ha… days 3 hours ago
Literary tip from #1 son: don’t read War and Peace, read The Cossacks. Makes the same points in 150 pages instead o… days 13 hours ago
@richardfoote Philosophical Question: is it a mistake if you build a model you think will work and find it crashes… days 10 hours ago
Good read on reporting data as lists: days 13 hours ago
For those who missed the tweet this morning week 2 hours ago
Hitting a brick wall with opt_estimate() - maybe there's a solution but I didn't fancy spend time on a 10053: week 11 hours ago
RT @amitzil: To all of you that attended my session about #orcldb datatypes at @odtug #kscope19, please read this post by @JLOracle. I didn… — 1 week 1 day ago