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For those who missed it earlier on today - a little problem, with workaround, if you use "as of SCN" with "ANSI" sy… hours 30 min ago
It's amazing what you find while you're looking for something completely different. I've just rediscovered this use… hours 24 min ago
RT @sqldaily: The key to fast #SQL is * acquire the data we need as efficiently as possible * post-process the data ... as efficiently as… — 12 hours 22 min ago
It's that ANSI thing again - just another little glitch to work around (involving "as of SCN" queries and PL/SQL): hours 56 min ago
I thought I'd test this one on newer versions: 12.2 still doesn't use the Bloom filter on t… day 2 hours ago
I've noticed a few questions about flashback appearing recently, so it's probably about time to remind people that… day 6 hours ago
@fritshoogland Just pretend I had included the word ‘also’. — 3 days 12 hours ago
@fritshoogland Corollary to "really fast IO, running on CPU". You could argue the case for using more I/O to save C… days 15 hours ago
A little warning note for anyone running reports against an ADG Standby - raised and answered by a couple of member… days 4 hours ago
RT @PadraigBelton: Terry Jones, late of Teddy Hall (where he met Michael Palin, who was at Brasenose) and of the Pythons, RIP.… — 5 days 7 hours ago