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@DatabasePaul you've just reminded me that it's been too long since I was last in Athens: hours 35 min ago
Just been to see "Hidden Figures". Very interesting film, worth seeing: hours 37 min ago
Just had a prompt to rediscover a bug with decode() and FBIs - still failing in hours 12 min ago
@tmmdv dbms_stats.get_index_stats(); blevel := blevel - 1; dbms_stats.set_index_stats(); Root cause ? — 13 hours 14 min ago
Thought for the day: From: hours 2 min ago
Here's a great opportunity for (young) mathematics enthusiasts: hours 29 min ago
Heading to the the British Museum on Wednesday evening to attend a debate on the Parthenon (a.k.a. Elgin) marbles: hours 49 min ago
RT @theAtticist: Review: Life According to Saki at Fourth Street Theatre hours 24 min ago
@sfonplsql @BrynLite Tell them it's the most cost effective way to use Oracle in the cloud. — 1 day 9 hours ago
RT @theAtticist: LIFE ACCORDING TO SAKI is trending on @Show_Score with an average review rating of 83! https://t.c… — 2 days 10 hours ago