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Here's a question on the OTN/ODC db forum that revived some old memories - be careful how you drop columns: hours 16 min ago
Here's a little detail I'd forgotten about subquery factoring - have to test it to see if it's still accurate: day 4 hours ago
RT @markrittman: We need to be more specific when asking for “people skills” - excellent @Medium article by @gwenshap… — 2 days 9 hours ago
Really must get round to writing a couple of blog posts. Twenty-three recent drafts, and no time to complete. Maybe after Christmas. — 4 days 6 hours ago
@TanelPoder @DataDayTexas Too bad there are (at least) two ways to interpret "missing a session". — 6 days 20 hours ago
Wrote half a page this morning, then paused to search my blog for "pq_replicate" and found I'd written the same thi… week 1 day ago
@Boneist Serial plans - probably not; some parallel plans - quite possibly; but you'd be in good company, Enterpris… week 1 day ago
Just been to a great session from @Al_unix - every DBA interested in performance should push a little way into this… week 2 days ago
Lucky I'm not superstitious or I might think there was something significant about my cloakroom ticket week 2 days ago
RT @UweHesse: I'll be there :-) week 2 days ago