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A golden oldie - but with an update that says things got worse in the overhead of "set role" in your code: hours 31 min ago
Today's little irritant - dbms_diag.accept_sql_patch (i.e. from an SQL tuning task) includes a FORCE_MATCH option,… hours 54 min ago
@codehater @fritshoogland A question worth pursuing - but probably not. The session has to find a profile from the… day 3 hours ago
Here's a golden oldie that starts out with column groups, but ends up highlighting the importance of thinking about… day 20 hours ago
@fritshoogland Which means you can get a huge “pct miss” in the library cache activity report under SQL AREA in the AWR report. — 1 day 21 hours ago
@oraclebase It means you should stop flying off on all these international tours and spend the money you save on a proper barber. — 2 days 5 hours ago
Here's a quirky little aberration that I hadn't noticed before, relating to upgrading to… days 5 hours ago
@NiceTheoryVidar @sqldaily @DBoriented insert /*+ append */ into local_table select from remote_table does append,… days 22 hours ago
RT @ToonKoppelaars: Join me at #OUGIreland19 on 4-5 Apr – I’ll be speaking on AWR reports. Take a look at the agenda and register today. ht… — 3 days 22 hours ago
This came out on auto-pilot earlier on today - I'd forgotten it was due. A little piece (possibly contentious) on h… days 19 hours ago