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RT @FranckPachot: @ricardomgborges @oradeto @richardfoote @JLOracle @ChrisRSaxon @connor_mc_d Be careful with ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING as it is… — 3 days 8 hours ago
RT @OxUniMaths: In the week when pioneering @NASA Mathematician #KatherineJohnson died, come along and hear about and hear from some more p… — 3 days 12 hours ago
@oradeto @FranckPachot @richardfoote @ChrisRSaxon @connor_mc_d Triggers on SYS tables aren't allowed, so that's out… days 12 hours ago
@oradeto @FranckPachot @richardfoote @ChrisRSaxon @connor_mc_d 1/2 "After DDL" might be a bit messy - there might… days 12 hours ago
RT @oraclebase: The Goal and The DevOps Handbook (again) : My Reviews days 13 hours ago
In case you missed it earlier on today - an example of an SQL Plan Baseline that doesn't reproduce the plan that pr… days 23 hours ago
Here we are: create a baseline for a query, then find the baseline won't reproduce the plan. And it's not about an… days 6 hours ago
I wrote a note about "faking" SQL Plan Baselines (into the SMB, not as SQL Profiles) many years ago… days 9 hours ago
RT @OracleSK: Best #Oracle #Performance Tech Conference — 4 days 9 hours ago
RT @ChrisAntognini: Announcing the @Trivadis Performance Days 2020 speakers and agenda. @CaryMillsap @ChinarAliyev @fritshoogland @JLOracle… — 4 days 13 hours ago