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@mathewbutler Tempus fugit. The difficulty now is that there's so much that could be said. Deciding which is the… days 21 hours ago
I don't know what key I pressed by accident, but whatever it was I've discovered that I can set bookmarks in Twitte… days 21 hours ago
RT @ToonKoppelaars: Machine Learning, Spatial and Graph - No License Required! | Oracle Database Insider Blog days 14 min ago
RT @ChrisAntognini: Big news! days 14 min ago
@drito_na_vis What's a timesheet ? ;) — 6 days 55 min ago
Why is the Oracle Developer Community forum the only website I visit that has consistently poor performance ? Not… days 1 hour ago
And here's another golden oldie abouit the parallel() hint being "ignored" - still valid for 19.3 days 2 hours ago
Do you ever have problems trying to get a query to run parallel the way you want ? Maybe the parallel() and paralle… days 2 hours ago
@RogerMacNicol Close call, indeed, but the big fight scene in the optimizer panel session swung it for me: the batt… days 8 hours ago
@SvenWOracle @amitzil @StewAshton @tmmdv @DBoriented @FranckPachot @oracleace The major threat is in the three tabl… days 8 hours ago