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@MDWidlake So, two birds with one stone - protected from BSE at the same time. — 1 week 1 day ago
@ChandlerDBA @evrocs_nl @johnnyq72 @DenesKubicek @ascherbaum @DevrimGunduz I never tire of quoting Terry Pratchett… week 1 day ago
@MDWidlake Shame on you. "make best use of". "get the most out of" "use all the hardware features you're paying for" — 1 week 1 day ago
@oradiag @MDWidlake I've seen something like that on a couple of occasions. Massively contradictory results because… week 1 day ago
@oraclebase @MDWidlake Right ballpark: See the TCP Socket KGAS - they're running queries through pl/sql and using… week 1 day ago
Here's a useful little note from 3 years ago about invalid SQL: week 2 days ago
RT @ProfBrianCox: A very exciting mission (with a little helicopter aboard as well!) designed to look for signs of life that may have exist… — 1 week 2 days ago
RT @vldbb: Some information on the Automatic SQL Tuning Set week 2 days ago
@AkivaLichtner Was there a typo in the error number. It doesn't show up in the oraus.msg, and all the 4000-5000 mes… week 3 days ago
@AkivaLichtner It seems unlikely that a patch would modify an SQL Baseline, it's believable that it might have resu… week 4 days ago