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I don't know what key I pressed by accident, but whatever it was I've discovered that I can set bookmarks in Twitte… week 6 hours ago
RT @ToonKoppelaars: Machine Learning, Spatial and Graph - No License Required! | Oracle Database Insider Blog week 8 hours ago
RT @ChrisAntognini: Big news! week 8 hours ago
@drito_na_vis What's a timesheet ? ;) — 1 week 9 hours ago
Why is the Oracle Developer Community forum the only website I visit that has consistently poor performance ? Not… week 9 hours ago
And here's another golden oldie abouit the parallel() hint being "ignored" - still valid for 19.3 week 10 hours ago
Do you ever have problems trying to get a query to run parallel the way you want ? Maybe the parallel() and paralle… week 11 hours ago
@RogerMacNicol Close call, indeed, but the big fight scene in the optimizer panel session swung it for me: the batt… week 17 hours ago
@SvenWOracle @amitzil @StewAshton @tmmdv @DBoriented @FranckPachot @oracleace The major threat is in the three tabl… week 17 hours ago
Could be an interesting problem for me to fill those long cold winter nights now I'm retired. week 17 hours ago