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@martinberx @MatthiasRogel @FranckPachot I don't know. But I started by wondering which of his books had anything… week 1 day ago
@jer_s @FranckPachot Sounds like a good argument for dropping all indexes. Hello, Exadata. Pushing the fuzzy - t… week 1 day ago
@MatthiasRogel @martinberx @FranckPachot For Oracle I think you could take this thought one step further - the redo… week 1 day ago
@martinberx @FranckPachot One of my favourite catch questions to the audience is: "How many of you duplicate subset… week 1 day ago
@MDWidlake 50/50 chance you will be asking it - but you might try to pretend you're asking it "for a friend" or some other person. — 1 week 2 days ago
@MatthiasRogel @FranckPachot Irrelevant - logically they're tables, the fact that physically they bear many similar… week 2 days ago
@MDWidlake Of course you're allowed to ask - I'll add it to the blog note - but in your case I will tell the Oracle… week 2 days ago
@kibeha Coincidentally there's a current thread on the Oracle Dev Forum - "create materialized view .... as with su… week 2 days ago
@FranckPachot I think I have to question the "(tables and indexes)". Indexes aren't data - you can destroy all the… week 2 days ago
@kibeha Nice one - added to blog note. — 1 week 2 days ago