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For those who missed the tweet earlier on today: resumable sessions and avoiding ORA-01652: week 20 hours ago
@fritshoogland No machine would be able to keep up with @connor_mc_d doing one of his classic presentations. — 1 week 21 hours ago
@MDWidlake I used to spend hours reading encyclopedias (ae) and dictionaries as a child - and now I've got the whol… week 1 day ago
The Jay is visiting the back garden today - haven't seen much of it recently. Makes me wonder - why do some birds… week 1 day ago
@ChandlerDBA @evrocs_nl @LuizafromPoland @FranckPachot @KamranAgayev @MDWidlake @connor_mc_d I think anyone who's s… week 1 day ago
Resumable sessions - a brief outline of options and threats: week 1 day ago
@FranckPachot @b0rk @pobocks And another alternative was to pull a LOT of data from Oracle (possibly sorted) and po… week 3 days ago
RT @TanelPoder: New scripts xb.sql and xbi.sql: eXplain Better for Oracle - part 1: week 3 days ago
Just finished a draft on Resumable Operations - but it's the weekend so polish and publication will have to wait un… week 3 days ago
RT @andrlopez: Great script for #oracle #DBA week 4 days ago