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RT @MDWidlake: @JLOracle @lukaseder @baunax "Yes Minister" - A joy of the mid/late 80's which even then pushed the boundary between parody… — 2 weeks 4 hours ago
@fritshoogland @MDWidlake weeks 4 hours ago
@lukaseder @baunax No. Expecting @MDWidlake to know the answer, though. — 2 weeks 9 hours ago
@lukaseder @baunax "With the greatest possible respect, minister". (Name that quote). — 2 weeks 9 hours ago
I've been meaning to do this one for several years - may have to come out of retirement for 2020. weeks 11 hours ago
@Daniel_Wandern @OracleSK @TanelPoder My best guess, at present, is that you have a communication problem between P… weeks 11 hours ago
@Daniel_Wandern @OracleSK @TanelPoder 1/2 At present you can't tell. The QC Row source is telling you that it did,… weeks 11 hours ago
@fritshoogland @MDWidlake "superblock" == "compression unit". I forgot the terminology for a moment. — 2 weeks 12 hours ago
@fritshoogland @MDWidlake "rows in the symbol table" or "bits in the superblock bitmap" ? — 2 weeks 12 hours ago
@Daniel_Wandern @OracleSK @TanelPoder That demonstrates the problem witht he previous graphic you supplied and it's… weeks 16 hours ago