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Training Manual for sale for Pete Finnigans Oracle security audit class - weeks 2 days ago
RT @ShaggyDba: What do you do when your brain is full from @RMOUG_ORG & u need to reset? Read some @petefinnigan, of course!… — 3 weeks 1 day ago
RT @oakies_blog: New post by pete - Pete Finnigan Presented About Oracle Database Vault and Oracle Security - weeks 6 days ago
A couple of months back I was interviewed by Lisa Vaas about how got into security. Article mentions me is here weeks 6 days ago
New blog - includes PPT slides for a presentation I did on Database Vault and a link to a live recording of the talk — 4 weeks 6 days ago
RT @YourNavionPilot: @MDWidlake @oraclebase @petefinnigan @sfonplsql Pete, can you send me a copy of your slides? Thanks — 6 weeks 2 days ago
@YourNavionPilot @MDWidlake @oraclebase @sfonplsql Hi Rob, do you mean my GDPR slides? - please email me pete at pe… weeks 2 days ago
RT @MDWidlake: @oraclebase @petefinnigan @sfonplsql Actually, my wife DOES want them - she is doing a GDPR readiness audit in a month or tw… — 6 weeks 4 days ago
RT @MDWidlake: @petefinnigan @oraclebase I'm afraid I am very uncivil to them. I might even use bad language at them and suggest infeasible… — 6 weeks 5 days ago
RT @DBAKevlar: @vanpupi @debralilley @MDWidlake @oraclebase @petefinnigan @sfonplsql And apologies for autocorrect "American icing" your na… — 6 weeks 5 days ago