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@thethumbprint days 14 hours ago
@samokhvalov Wow... that’s crazy given the significance in both contributions and time he’s been involved. — 2 days 22 hours ago
@linuxtoday Under Nadella’s stewardship, @Microsoft has transitioned from the isolated, FUD-spewing, behemoth it wa… days 57 sec ago
@thethumbprint How much per autograph? — 3 days 20 min ago
@ludodba @FranckPachot :) While the networking aspect (Franck is discussing) wasn’t improved much by single-instanc… days 14 hours ago
@FranckPachot I had a PoC patch to intern attribute names during BSON encoding for MongoDB and ship them as a dicti… days 21 hours ago
@AgraOran @yossigottlieb I tagged you both in two PRs that are still useful and provide improved performance charac… days 1 hour ago
@ajassy nice to see some of these big deals AWS is doing. On the topic of deals, after about a year since my last c… days 2 hours ago
@thethumbprint Agreed. While it’s only observational, in my experience, the more lifted and/or louder the truck, th… days 2 hours ago
@GeraldVenzl @al3xandru I’ve never tried that one - how is it? — 1 week 13 hours ago