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RT @thatjeffsmith: @csierra_usa @RicVanDyke @Mautro @OracleAskTom @DBAKevlar I think Mauro is setup to be an All-Star, today's session was … — 2 hours 4 min ago
Building blocks of data science #datascience #articles — 2 hours 32 min ago
RT @TanelPoder: HIVE 0.14 Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) Technical Overview hours 37 min ago
Asynch descriptor resize wait event in Oracle hours 1 min ago
RT @pythianpartners: Thank you @oracle - home from #strataconf to power outage in #Toronto - handy dandy flashlights at the ready! http://t… — 3 hours 9 min ago
RT @jaykreps: Apache Samza meetup tomorrow at LinkedIn in Mountain View hours 9 min ago
RT @OracleDI: You can now ingest #realtime data into #Hadoop platforms w/#ORCLGoldenGate for #BigData. Register here to learn more. http://… — 3 hours 10 min ago
Wish I'd get Narrative Clip 2 to log conference people meets :) #WinClip2 — 3 hours 17 min ago
@esammer @scalingdata this will be a fantastic name for a presentation on Kafka Consumers. — 3 hours 22 min ago
@RicVanDyke I now feel the need to give away the location for free...:) — 3 hours 59 min ago
@AlexFatkulin @RicVanDyke you go boy! Have a drink for me Alex, I'm going to rest up for tomorrow. ..:) — 4 hours 11 min ago
VMware Horizon Enterprise Home Lab - vSphere & Physical #vmware #homelab — 4 hours 17 min ago
Great 2nd day end at #HotSym15 , prepping 4 my Wed. session, but for the right $$ I'll give up location of @RicVanDyke secret after party :) — 4 hours 30 min ago
Great night out for sushi with the girls in Irving! Thanks Miranda and Wenju! :) — 4 hours 42 min ago
RT @Enkitec: #HotSym15 Wonder how they got those beads... @KerryOracleGuy @riyajshamsudeen @ChrisAntognini hours 10 min ago
RT @AlexFatkulin: With @ChrisAntognini @DaviesLuke at HotSos 2015 hours 37 min ago
RT @Enkitec: #HotSym15 Wonder how they got those beads... @KerryOracleGuy @riyajshamsudeen @ChrisAntognini hours 39 min ago
RT @Enkitec: #HotSym15 @Mautro @AlexFatkulin @ChrisAntognini @KerryOracleGuy @oakies_blog @oracleace hours 40 min ago
Oldie but Goodie! From DBAKevlar! Why Isn’t Oracle Allocating More Parallel Slaves? #oracle — 7 hours 1 min ago
oh @DBASushi. ....:) hours 15 min ago
. @kevinclosson I theorize the answer is unknowable: you could only hit such a page by chance probably involving a quantum trapdoor. — 7 hours 27 min ago
Interview: Ted Dunning, MapR on The Real Meaning of Real-Time in Big Data #bigdata @kdnuggets8 hours 22 min ago
Top 10 2 Min Tech Tips - February 2015 (ArchBeat) #oracle #tips — 8 hours 32 min ago
RT @joeharris76: HIVE 0.14 Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) Technical Overview » Hive’s CBO is now better than SQL Server for analytics :-/ http:… — 8 hours 54 min ago
RT @sspendol: My 2-min tech tip on #orclapex manageability is live here: cc: @OTNArchBeat #2MTT Done in a SINGLE TA… — 8 hours 56 min ago
@AlexFatkulin speaking on Oracle zone maps at #HotSym15 hours 29 min ago
Just signed up for an account at a new website. They sent an email with my username and password to me. #fail — 9 hours 56 min ago
Data Visualization vs. Dashboards - Sweetspot Intelligence #dashboards #data — 10 hours 2 min ago
@ddfdba Oh, those would be on the top of my list. Have any idea how much I could get for those on eBay?? :P — 10 hours 3 min ago
I'll be missing most of the party tonight at #HotSym15, have a girls night out with friends local to Dallas! :) #LockUpYourValuables — 10 hours 13 min ago
@dropchrisanote @OracleMidlands @chrisrsaxon Glad you liked it. I saw you smiling at some of my rants. :) See you next time! — 10 hours 13 min ago
RT @dropchrisanote: @OracleMidlands @oraclebase @chrisrsaxon lots to think about after tonight. Cheers for putting it all together. — 10 hours 14 min ago
Oracle finds a port in the SDN/NFV storm with two new ethernet switches @R_Chirgwin @TheRegister #oracle — 10 hours 22 min ago
@csierra_usa @thatjeffsmith @RicVanDyke @Mautro @OracleAskTom I can see Carlos from here, he appears devastated that you left already...:) — 10 hours 23 min ago
@OracleSK …which was already painful, as my memory is set to 4G, and swap 4G…. :( — 10 hours 24 min ago
@jasonhorner Hopefully we'll have more space for MSSQL again! I'm looking forward to trying again!:) — 10 hours 25 min ago
@kdnuggets this space is moving so quick that the year old stats might not be very relevant today. Eh? — 10 hours 27 min ago
@OracleSK Just ran a test without setting anything. I suspected the session to crash at 4G, as it did on 11203. Killed the session at 7G. — 10 hours 27 min ago
RMOUG 2015 Training Days Review hours 34 min ago
RT @thatjeffsmith: If I was a customer, I would def setup AWR Warehouse. Answer big questions with some serious big performance data. See @… — 10 hours 44 min ago
got @riyaj before he made a face at me, like he did at #TD21015 when I took his pic..:) #HotSym15 hours 44 min ago
@thatjeffsmith @Mautro @OracleAskTom @RicVanDyke @csierra_usa #HotSym15 sorry, no goodbye... #HugsFrmConf — 10 hours 51 min ago
It seems the PGA memory limit of 4G has been lifted with version on Linux. — 10 hours 52 min ago
RT @thatjeffsmith: Thanks @RicVanDyke and the entire #HotSym15 team for a great show! Great content from @Mautro @csierra_usa @OracleAskTom… — 10 hours 52 min ago
Building More Secure Middle-Tier Applications with Azure SQL Database using Row-Level Security via @getswayy @Azure11 hours 22 min ago
"Using rsync over multi-hop ssh" very handy and well documented at (for example to copy files and run R on laptop) — 11 hours 47 min ago
RT @SAURABHKG: SbhOracle is out! Stories via @UweHesse @OracleDI @CapgeminiOracle12 hours 49 sec ago
Thanks @iampete @rsvpselling @LynnSwayze @MikaelFries for being top new followers in my community this week (via — 12 hours 2 min ago
101 new external resources and articles about data science, big data, ML - March 2 #greatreads #datascience — 12 hours 31 min ago
@xtner @oradiag @HemantKChitale @sqldaily @NatalkaRoshak Is there a hash tag for "rearranging deckchairs on the titanic" ;) — 12 hours 32 min ago