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@orcldoug #FIFA its all good. The players ran a bit quickly the first 31 seconds, too. Oh, so that's how you play this game! — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Good volume for USA anthem at #WorldCup2014 Suspect the band played a bit quickly though — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@KurtBilde Tak. Den vil jeg de snarest. — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@ChandlerDBA @JamesMorle Well I couldn't share the beer! He's on the wagon — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@JamesMorle #Shingapore #ConneryAccent — 41 weeks 1 day ago
RT @OracleBlogs: EM12c Release 4: Job System Easter Eggs - Part 1 weeks 1 day ago
.@gwenshap I have to say I feel honored, both for the video being shared and for being ID'd as an Oracle expert! — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@orcldoug I live you too, even when I'm sober and you're, erm, you know. #shingapore — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Hey @OracleAlchemist, a co-worker just shared your video with a customer, saying "This is from an Oracle expert!" weeks 1 day ago
@CenturyLinkHelp You say that before seeing how much bandwidth this family with two techie adults and 3 techie kids takes up! :) — 41 weeks 1 day ago
When the Centurylink guy shows up, just want to apologize in advance if I give him a big kiss. Soooo tired of #Comcast BS...sigh... — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Poor @JamesMorle had to put up with my tired, drunken, stressed ramblings but it was still good to see him before #Singapore — 41 weeks 1 day ago
RT @LouiseMensch: See my last RT: "Why Obama was right to mess everything up." -<~ Louise Mensch presumably in favour of eternal occupation — 41 weeks 1 day ago
RT @dbMaestro: “3 Errors walk into a bar. The barman says, “normally I’d Throw you all out, but tonight I’ll make an Exception.” – @iamdevl… — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@esammer I'm sure they are doing a lot of validation on the server side and not just trust the client — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@tmmdv @Oracle btw. the "Processor License" column is not always per core, right? Like, EBiz Publisher is really 300K per core? — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Do all babies look the same? weeks 1 day ago
@pioro @martinberx @BertrandDrouvot @PerlDBA @timothyjgorman @ChrisAntognini @flashdba share please :) — 41 weeks 1 day ago
RT @OracleDBDev: And while I have your attention #OTN VTS July 9th. @brost @seth_m_miller @dbasolved… — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Måløv Bibliotek. Når en off. instans eller privat biks gør det rigtige efter MANGE år er det fordi de er ved at dø. weeks 1 day ago
RT @someecards: The only reason you have to leave work early: weeks 1 day ago
Best Machine Learning Resources for Getting Started | Machine Learning Mastery weeks 1 day ago
So much with in such a small space: weeks 1 day ago
Sorry. Because of an incident, a gas leak, trespassers on the line I'm very late and can't kiss you goodnight. All @SouthernRailUK reasons — 41 weeks 1 day ago
To #E42014 attendees: My Sunday's half-day Exadata session videos got uploaded to E4 site last Friday (had to re-record due to a rec. issue) — 41 weeks 1 day ago
BGOUG Spring 2014 : Summary | The ORACLE-BASE Blog weeks 1 day ago
@drune @maaz_anjum @orawiss @OsamaOracle @brost @gokhanatil @gurcan_orhan isn't he from Portugal? He intercepted at least two of our passes — 41 weeks 1 day ago
We call it Mittelstürmer #WorldCup2014 — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@rwijk Yeah. I know, I know. Rub it in ;-) — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@bermstyle @gwenshap @mbosc1 Is that what happens on the downstroke on a 25% incline? — 41 weeks 1 day ago
RT @bermstyle: We rode the new flow trail at Demo yesterday. And took pics. nice work @mbosc1 weeks 1 day ago
@_a__w_ OTOH, many of the people who work in one are unqualified to write software for anyone... — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Reminder: Tonight, 7PM at WhitePages, Seattle. Learn how to scale your data analytics with R and Hadoop. weeks 1 day ago
The week is already better, thanks to insightful and inspiring words from @amansk. I have the best colleagues :) — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Why read my latest on Execution Plans ? Because there are plans that OEM et. al. won't report correctly: weeks 1 day ago
@orawiss @brost @OsamaOracle @gokhanatil @gurcan_orhan @maaz_anjum yes, it looks quite promising, doesn't it? — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Security Needs Evolve as Computing Leaves the Office via @getswayy41 weeks 1 day ago
Monday morning gorilla herding... @DBASushi @JeffBarb and @WernerDeGruyter will get it... :) weeks 1 day ago
Müller again!! 3:0 #WorldCup2014 — 41 weeks 1 day ago
At first sight, not very impressed by German players reaction. #WorldCup2014 — 41 weeks 1 day ago
oops we did it again! 2:0 Germany #WorldCup2014 — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Part 6 of my series on reading execution plans has just been published on AllthingsOracle: weeks 1 day ago
The start of this #WorldCup2014 has been staggering. Change of coaching to much more attacking models over recent years? — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Goal for Germany! #WorldCup — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Thanks @oraclemidsize @TanelPoder @DoDRecruiterDC for being top engaged members in my community this week (via — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@DBASushi Already have my 32G laptop, wanted a tablet. I really, really use and love my tablet... :) — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@OsamaOracle I am quite confident with Physical (& snapshot) databases and published a fair amount about those. Was testing HCC and LSTDBY. — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@fuadar @OyvindIsene I am finding wonderful positives and frustrating negatives in both OS's. Will blog in about 2 weeks with follow up — 41 weeks 1 day ago
@fuadar @OyvindIsene Key to automating much of my social media is the ability TO share from different apps to buffer, swayy, klout, etc:) — 41 weeks 1 day ago
Excitement building for #KScope14 in beautiful Seattle and the Wednesday 25-June event at the @EMPmuseum @ODTUG41 weeks 1 day ago