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RT @dba_hba: Oaktable article : If you’re not using hugepages, you’re doing it wrong! by mbobak weeks 1 day ago
@Boneist and having a separate recyclebin purge script to be run later? ;) — 39 weeks 1 day ago
. @JLOracle Probably in 6.0, but the relevant commands are on pages 7-10 and 7-17 of the v7 admin guide. — 39 weeks 1 day ago
Things that make you go hmmm...What's behind Oracle put buying - optionMONSTER (01/21/14) weeks 1 day ago
RT @ChrisHerben: Ik vind hem goed :-). #generatiekloof weeks 1 day ago
RT @HistoricalPics: On this day in 1983, The A-Team premiered on TV for the first time! weeks 1 day ago
@pudge1954 Not sure that you can even do "including contents" with 8i; it's the sort of thing that I'd run up a database for and check. — 39 weeks 1 day ago
. @JLOracle If memory serves dropping a tablespace offline including contents avoids the pecimal algorithm. — 39 weeks 1 day ago
This is a serious question: does anybody actually use #oracle’s dbx debugger? All that’s found on the net is oracle documentation... — 39 weeks 1 day ago
RT @ahl: comparatively sober take on bitcoin from @pmarca weeks 1 day ago
The austrian skiing villages are keen on social media! Mentioned once I am going skiing in #westendorf, and got followed by @twitwestendorf39 weeks 1 day ago
Good video tutorial class- Writing your first web app using Python and Flask [ 2014] - YouTube weeks 1 day ago
@ChandlerDBA I was going to wish you luck yesterday and didn't get round to it. Remind me not to wish you luck for Wembley — 39 weeks 1 day ago
@kelloggs_ville @wizofoz2k @sql_handle @thatjeffsmith Snap — 39 weeks 1 day ago
Call me late to the game. Just learned about #osx network locations. And configured them. — 39 weeks 1 day ago
1. Corydon og prod.kom. har fuldkommen ret i dette. #2. Er det offentlige også en del af servicesektoren? weeks 1 day ago
RT @ahl: From one of our customers: "When I talk to my CIO, it's always 1 of the 3 Bs: beg, bitch, or brag. With Delphix I'm always braggin… — 39 weeks 1 day ago
RT @delphix: We're excited to be named to the @Forbes list of America's Most Promising Companies of 2014 weeks 1 day ago
Rebuilding tables is NOT a trivial operation, however simple the commands might be: weeks 1 day ago
RT @chrille_dk: @mnorgaard Apropos DJØF'er - her er en overskrift, der kalder en skovl for en skovl - weeks 1 day ago
Han er jo offentlig DJØF'er. De skal have det godt. weeks 1 day ago
Blast from the Past - if you're still using dictionary-managed tablespaces and it all goes wrong: weeks 1 day ago
@JLOracle ... that's the Brecht play - and it's on at my local theatre @Rosetheatre at the end of March. — 39 weeks 1 day ago
Got tickets for 'Life of Galileo' “The aim of science is not to open the door to everlasting truth but to set a limit on everlasting error” — 39 weeks 1 day ago
Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos revisited: I'm looking forward to seeing it. — 39 weeks 1 day ago
Ligesom ved salget af KMD er Nyrup omhyggelig med først at kritisere salget når det er for sent. #Smart weeks 1 day ago
why people bother so much whether #beatsmusic takes away #spotify customers? The real opportunity is outside of those - blue ocean — 39 weeks 1 day ago
#BeatsMusic feels like it was designed by someone who wears cool shoes and doesn’t talk about algorithms. weeks 1 day ago
My week on twitter: 55 Mentions, 86.3K Mention Reach, 80 Replies, 29 Retweets, 23.9K Retweet Reach. via weeks 1 day ago
Delphix one of 20 amazing companies founded during the financial crises weeks 1 day ago
Fun reading for those who want to know some of the TPC-H optimizations used: Slides: Paper: weeks 1 day ago
@timothyjgorman #IOUC_SUMMIT and the winner of the most unattractive pic from the conference goes to me... — 39 weeks 1 day ago
#IOUC_SUMMIT @dbakevlar sharing how to grow on social media weeks 1 day ago
Theme for #IOUC_SUMMIT: encouraging new entrants into technology jobs; keeps coming up again & again #ODTUG #RMOUG — 39 weeks 1 day ago
@lemmes Every time they say IOT, "Index Organized Table" is the first thing I go to... :) #DBALife — 39 weeks 1 day ago
@kevinclosson @moustafa_dba Presumably redo is highlighted for other reasons than demonstrating concurrent I/O? — 39 weeks 1 day ago
@myemel212 @IOUC_SUMMIT Yes, great session! Impressive initiatives by many groups for support of the user community. — 39 weeks 1 day ago
I'll be on the social media panel at the #IOUC_SUMMIT 4:30pm in rm202 — 39 weeks 1 day ago
Oracle Midsize Newsletter, January 2014, Oracle Information InDepth Newsletters weeks 1 day ago
Oldie but Goodie!: EM12c Enterprise Monitoring, Part... weeks 1 day ago
I love R, says it's replacement for Sas, but I for see us prying Sas from the data analysts cold, dead hands... :D #DieHardSasFolks — 39 weeks 1 day ago
@dbasolved Yes, some with NDA on it, so can't talk about those... :) — 39 weeks 1 day ago
@OsamaOracle Yes, high level, so no "NDA" on the slides... :) — 39 weeks 1 day ago
RT @hadleywickham: best thing written so far about #rstats vs #pydata vs #julialang vs #x vs #y: By @slendrmeans39 weeks 1 day ago
Big data, cloud, mobile initiatives at Oracle #IOUC_SUMMIT  — 39 weeks 1 day ago
Number just keep declining- Only 15% of Davos attendees are women- Quartz weeks 1 day ago
Very cool @devoxx4kidsusa great insight at #IOUC_SUMMIT  — 39 weeks 1 day ago
Talking about great program called devoxxkids at #IOUC_SUMMIT LOVE Rasperry Pi learning projects for kids!! :) — 39 weeks 1 day ago
#IOUC_SUMMIT #ODTUG #RMOUG Watching @arungupta describe Yes! Yes! YES! — 39 weeks 1 day ago
Satellite images really speak to the lack of precipitation (snow!) in the California Sierras. weeks 1 day ago